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Define Binge Eating
Binge Eating Disorder
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How to Stop Binge Eating       & Lose Weight for Good
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Finally revealed: How To Eliminate Your Binge Eating Disorder And FREE Yourself From Food Addiction. Forever!

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binge eating disorder help!

Create new healthy eating habits in only 7 weeks

Dear Binge Eater looking for a solution once and for all,

If you are like the 1000’s coming to my website who feel miserable because their life is ruled by their binge eating disorder, chances are you are looking to find out what causes your binge eating disorder and you’re wondering: “How can I stop binge eating?”

If you want:

  • To stop binge eating or snacking all day without fighting cravings
  • To learn a proven way to stop binge eating
  • To trust that you will overcome your compulsive eating disorder
  • To be empowered to transform your eating habits for good
  • To discover how to deal with your painful emotions without using food
  • To lose weight naturally and experience greater wellbeing

Great, because you are in the right place!


Do not commit to any binge eating disorder help, unless it:

  • Offers you PROVEN tools and knowledge to stop binge eating for good
  • ENABLES you to build the skills to deal with your negative emotions
  • Leads you to automatically make HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES
  • Leads you to LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY without struggles or frustrations
  • Helps you change what has been preventing you to stop binge eating

Isabelle Johansen

Isabelle Johansen
Author of Shape your Mind to Shape your Body

My name is Isabelle Johansen and as a life coach who specializes in weight loss, I’ve spent the last few years helping my clients to overcome their Binge Eating Disorder with great success.

I work with corporations, associations, fitness centers and also directly with individuals. The amazing success of my programs compelled me to create this web-site to help more people just like YOU.

Bottom line: if you genuinely desire to free yourself from binge eating and live your life to the fullest, read on!

If you want to stop your binge eating disorder you will need:

  1. The support of an experienced professional!
    • To gain confidence so you are convinced you will STOP binge eating
    • To understand how to face your personal challenges without overeating
  2. A new approach
    • That goes deeper to help you transform the habits and pattterns that keep you stuck in the overeating cycle
  3. To learn NEW practical tools and exercises!
    • To identify and change the habits that cause you to overeat
  4. To be ready to handle everyday situations with calm and confidence:
    • Learn to handle - without overeating - stressful situations that previously triggererd you to overeat
  5. A Workbook with exercises
    • To have available and reinforce the new information you need, to transform your situation

Why do you need these 5 key-elements?

Because they will help you transform from the INSIDE-OUT so you truly don’t have to force yourself to be healthy!

You can change your life and create the future you deserve…

I have decided to launch a new super intensive weight loss program based on the Bellsai Mindful Weight Loss Coaching Program which has showed amazing results. This new program makes coaching accessible to everyone at a very affordable price!

Inside my new STOP Binge Eating 7 Week Intensive Program you are about to discover how to:

  1. Lose weight and keep it off
  2. Be motivated to take control and transform your life
  3. Resolve the underlying issues causing you to overeat
  4. Have a clear strategy and plan for successful weight loss
  5. Be inspired reach your full potential

This NEW coaching program will put you on a FAST TRACK to LIVE BINGE EATING FREE!

With this program you get:

  • 5 weekly multimedia presentations to learn:
    • New principles and new skills to create healthy eating habits, and let go of what triggers you to binge and to overeat
    • How to implement this new knowledge, allowing you to transform your lifestyle for permanent weight loss and health
  • Two live coaching sessions  over the Internet with Isabelle in person
    • To ask your questions, share your practical challenges and get coached on them so you find and own your answers
  • Access to the Bellsai Program Internet Portal
    • Access the weekly multimedia presentations and coaching session recordings at your convenience.
    • Direct access to all supporting program resources
  • Weekly Work Book
    • Activities and exercises that help you put into practice, and reinforce the lesson, to deepen your understanding of what brings you to have this eating disorder
  • Unlimited support
    • During the program, Isabelle is also available to support you and provide personal advice, as well as answering all your questions
  • Books and Movies:
    • Weekly recommendations of additional resources that will inspire you and further support your transformation

THIS PROGRAM WILL WORK FOR YOU like it did for many wonderful people like you who have worked with Isabelle…

"After 2 months of joining the gym and exercising diligently, I wasn't losing weight. Since exercise was going well, I needed to change my eating habits. Isabelle’s Program helped me become more aware of what I ate, when and why. I came into the program with the goal of losing 6 lbs, and left 12 weeks later losing over 20 lbs instead: back to my high school weight! This program is truly worth the investment. "

- Jennifer, Mountain View, California

"Working with Isabelle has been extremely helpful and insightful. Isabelle's positive energy, her joy at my success and her continued support have been a great influence on the achievement of my goal. I lost my25 pounds! "

- Karen Sino, Redwood City, California

"I think Isabelle's approach to weight loss is the only sensible way to go. The Bellsai program is about helping us break out of these very unhealthy cycles, regain awareness of our needs and what's driving our behavior… Isabelle is a fantastically supportive coach."

- Nancy Menlo Park, California

1 year and a half after she finished her program Kathryn Bringfield, California was writing:

"…I have been doing very well and though we haven't been talking I've been staying the course… Taking your class was great for me; you introduced me to more authors on the subject of good health and eating and it influenced my whole family. (Mothers have a lot of power!)…

P.S. Just had my checkup and my doctor said my cholesterol readings were the best she has ever seen. How about that!

"I have lost 14 pounds in a little over 12 weeks, but this is nothing compared to the confidence and awareness I have gained. I feel stronger inside and outside (I started exercising)! I still have 20 pounds to lose but I know I will lose them and maintain my weight! This program is what I needed and has changed my life."

- Jane L. Mountain View, California


There are tons of misleading websites out there on binge eating, that don’t offer you a complete, proven solution.

You should only look for a binge eating disorder help program that:

  • Addresses the underlying causes of your overeating
  • Includes personalized support
  • Will allow you to easily sustain a healthy lifestyle
  • Provides you with the knowledge and the skills which will compel you to be healthy
  • Offers continued support and motivation after the end of the regular program

All of this – and more – is covered in depth in

“The Stop Binge Eating 7 Week Intensive Program”

You may spend years and $1,000’s of dollars on weight loss solutions that might help you lose weight but will not stop your recurrent binge eating disorder so you gain the weight back.


You can pay from $5,000 to over $50,000 to go into an eating disorder treatment center and when you leave to find yourself all on your own.


It could take you 5 years and more than a $100,000.00 investment in research to learn even a portion of what is included in this powerful program!


Act now and you could be one of the first 7 lucky to register who will pay only $ 34.00 per week for a total of 7 weekly transformation packs.

I personally guarantee this program will be unlike anything you have tried before. You can now get personal coaching without spending thousands of dollars!

I created this program for those of you who want to have quick results that last.

You have nothing to lose except your extra pounds!

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The program is guaranteed RISK FREE!


We feel so confident that you will be blown away by the quality of this weight loss program and the progress you will make that if you for any reason want to stop the program within the 4 first weeks, you will receive a full refund - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


This program will be launched on November 15th. If you pre-register before  we will get you into the program at less than 1/2 price and you pay only $ 19.50 per session instead of $ 16.75 so you save $ 120 in total by registering NOW

This discount price will NOT LAST - ACT NOW!

You can’t wait any longer to experience the life you deserve.

But Hurry. There are only a few seats left, and they are going fast. Reserve your seat today:

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Special bonuses:

Order today and get  daily Awareness Flash Cards to help you set yourself up for a successful day.

I congratulate you on taking back control of your life. In only 6 weeks you will create a new way to look at life so you feel more centered, in control of your eating, and inspired to take care of your waistline and your health. This will literally change your life for the better; you are going to love that. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Warmest regards,

Isabelle Johansen
Weight Loss Coach and Founder of Binge-Eating-Solutions.com

P.S. Do you know that most successful athletes, artists and business people have a coach to help them maximize their potential? So why not you?

P.P.S. With my ironclad guarantee, you have nothing to lose but your pounds! Click here to reserve your seat today.


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