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Isabelle JohansenI am Isabelle Johansen, and I created Binge Eating Solutions.com to help people free themselves from their compulsive eating disorder such as:

  • Binge eating disorder
  • Compulsive snaking
  • Bulimia

My experience as a life coach has shown me that 95% of compulsive eating disorder is primarily the manifestation of an underlying issue. To me, it has very little to do with the diet. Why? Because if you feel compelled to binge eat you won’t be able to follow any diet even if it is the best diet in the world!

Isabelle Johansen Binge-Eating-Solutions.com offers programs that combine:

  • Life coaching which helps clients understand why they need to overeat and
  • Practical tools and knowledge

Resulting in mind blowing success.

Every day participants of our programs let me know that they would never have thought that it was this simple to transform their behavior. They inspire me to share these programs with you.

If you are desperate to stop binge eating, want real genuine support from someone who cares and results, you owe to yourself to check out my programs and contact me.


Our mission is to help people free themselves from their food addiction.

Our core values are love, care, respect and integrity of and for the mind and body.

We assist people transform their perspective on food and life so they become genuinely happy and fulfilled.

Ultimately, the body and the mind become just a vehicle to express our higher Self.

About Isabelle Johansen, MA, CEG

Isabelle Johansen

I am married and the mother of 3 children. I have struggled in my life with compulsive overeating which puts me in the best seat to talk about it and understand what you might go through. I have done years of research and study to create the programs that I present in this website.

Today, I am a life coach working primarily (70%) with clients with eating disorders. The remaining 30% of my practice is life coaching centered around relationship issues and life crisis, which are the challenges that many people with eating disorder deal with.

Coaching is calling: I am intuitive and establish a trusting relationship with my clients which enable me to guide them efficiently. I love the people I coach; I love helping them get more insight on their life and witnessing their breakthrough and amazing progress.

To stay in shape I teach fitness classes: step aerobics and body pump.

Isabelle Johansen

I also enjoy teaching and practicing American and Shaolin Kenpos (karate).

How do I find my balance between my family, business and activities? My secret is that I meditate everyday (this is very critical for me) and study about the purpose of life and the Self. This helps me to be very “positively present” in the things I do and allows that feeling of inner trust and happiness in my life.

I can’t wait to meet you and learn about you! It will be my privilege and pleasure to assist you in your journey towards a better life!


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