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  1. How does the STOP Binge Eating 12 Week Intensive Program work?
  2. What makes Binge-Eating-Solutions.com unique?
  3. Is it a diet?
  4. What do I have to do?
  5. Why does the program last 3 months?
  6. Do I have to exercise?
  7. Can the program work for me?

How does the STOP Binge Eating 12 Week Intensive Program work?

The program is designed to help you reshape yourself from the inside out. Food gives you pleasure and relief. It has led you to adopt a certain eating pattern, creating certain associations with food. My work is to help you change these associations. Food is not the answer to the emotions you can't deal with; food is not the answer to your problems.

Together we will work on that "personal relationship" you have with food. I will give you advice to stop the cycle of emotions, boredom and stress that leads to overeating, on your tele-classes and via email. This is done primarily in the weekly private call.

The weekly teleconference will help you:

  • Increase your awareness of what leads you to overeat.
  • Develop that "part of you" that wants to be trim and healthy.
  • Learn more about balanced ways to eat that also satisfy your cravings.
  • Get motivated to include exercise in you daily or weekly routine.
  • Learn numerous tips about how to get and keep a healthy lifestyle.

What makesBinge-Eating-Solutions.com unique?

Our approachis different because the program doesn't require you to transform your life the day you start. On the contrary, I want to focus with you, on small and consistent changes that you will implement in your daily routine. We move forward at your pace. This program is not a quick fix, but an effective one. Most of you have tried the quick fixes. You know it doesn't work. When you have overeaten for years, you need to give yourself some time to make a real and permanent change.

Is it a diet?

The Program is not a diet. No diet is going to make you think differently about the food you eat. If you have an emotional eating disorder, being on a diet will help you lose weight only as long as you follow the diet. The diet is not the answer for what causes you to over eat. Bellsai emphasizes a balanced diet. But because you start by reshaping your mind and the way you think of food, you progressively begin living a healthy lifestyle without "forcing" yourself. Binge-Eating-Solutions.com offers a natural, long-lasting solution.

What do I have to do?

The only requirements are to be committed and open-minded. The program is different from what you have tried before, and that's good because what you did, didn't produce the results you wanted, which brought you here!

Why does the program last 3 months?

I have found that it takes about three months for people to really start shifting their eating behaviors and feel confident about their ability to lose weight permanently. That is the most critical part. Once you have adjusted your mindset to doing what is right to lose weight, you will begin to lose the pounds, naturally.

Do I have to exercise?

Exercise is a significant part of a healthy lifestyle. You might not like it or have preconceived ideas against it, but the truth is that exercise will help you lose weight and keep it off but also will help you live longer and better. Can you lose weight without exercising? Yes. Do I recommend it? No, except in special cases with health issue problems.

Can the program work for me?

You are the one that makes the program work for you and you know it. Nobody can do the job for you. It's your body; you are the one who is responsible for it. There is absolutely no way around this simple truth.

We provide understanding and non-judgmental assistance. The only person who can choose to be healthy, vital and trim is you. So, if you want to change, then you will.


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